The Inventory/Workorder allows you to track work done and inventory going in and out. The program is designed to either work with and expand upon RVS Mosaics or operate as a stand-alone application.

  • Create workorders and track which Mosaics account they are for, what inventory was used, and which employees issued and completed the order.
  • Track purchase orders with your suppliers and use them to automatically process inventory in and out.
  • Use job categories to track what kind of workorders are being requested, such as re-reads, meter replacement, and delinquent disconnect.
  • Issue optional disconnect workorders through Mosaics when printing your Disconnect List
  • Print reports for workorders, current inventory, jobs completed and more.
  • Qualify any report by employee, job category, item number, or workorder ID

If you've been completing workorders on paper, Inventory/Workorder can save you considerable time in your daily operation.

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