RVS Mosaics Utility Billing Software

This latest version of the RVS Utility Billing System is built on the foundation of our previous RVS Utility Billing Program. We added hundreds of enhancements and an easy Windows interface to make RVS Mosaics the most powerful and easiest to use utility software ever.

RVS Mosaics Screenshot

RVS Mosaics is Fast

Fast Entry
ONE key accepts a reading and prompts for the next reading when entering meter readings. ONE key posts a full payment when posting receipts. Utilities and functions allow you to copy location data from a previous account for a new customer without having to re-enter information.

Account Maintenance
Customer information screens are quickly accessed with either an account number or just a few letters of the last name. Search through accounts alphabetically, by account number or by reading sequence number. Lookup or change customer information from ONE screen. Wizards quickly step you through finalizing accounts, changing out meters, and correcting billing errors.

Adding Accounts
When adding accounts, you are only prompted for the information you want to add. Defaults can be set for common information like city, state, or zip code. Address and meter information can be duplicated from another account, making adding or moving customers faster than ever.

Speaking of keys...
Virtually all aspects of RVS Mosaics may be accessed via the keyboard or the mouse. You choose what method is fastest for you.

RVS Mosaics is Easy

Designed with Utility Experience
RVS was originally designed and written by someone who has served as both the director and secretary-treasurer for a Texas water utility. After researching other utility programs, he determined that if he wanted a fast, easy to use utility billing program that provided the comprehensive reports he demanded, he would have to create one. The result is now in use by over 2000 systems nationwide.

The Best Support
With any software package, support is everything. RVS has always offered toll-free phone support for current versions of our software. Every feature and enhancement in RVS Mosaics has been designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but we understand there will always be questions. The first year of support and updates are included with your initial purchase of Mosaics at no additional charge.

Features That Make Mosaics Even Easier to Use:
  • Faster, more reliable data structure
  • Configurable backup procedure
  • Unlimited batch capacity
  • Automatic Finalize Account Routine
  • Copy/Paste Customer Information
  • End of Month Report Batch
  • More User-Defined Fields
  • Group Billing
  • Misread Meter Wizard
  • Easy Notice Layout
  • Print Preview to Screen
  • Drop-down list for bill comments
  • More Customer Information
  • Drop-down calendars for Date Entry
  • Browse by Account, Name and Sequence Number
  • Move Customer Wizard
  • Deposit Refund Wizard
  • Service address history lookup
  • Tag customer accounts for report qualification

RVS Mosaics is Powerful!

Configure RVS to Work for You
With over 20 years experience in utility billing and thousands of existing users, RVS Mosaics has been designed so you can configure it to work the way YOU want it to work.

Track more Customer Information
RVS Mosaics tracks more information than ever before. Track two social security numbers and two drivers license numbers in addition to 12 user defined fields. You'll also have the ability to keep an unlimited number of unlimited length notes on any account. Mosaics also allows you to track 15 customer attributes per account. Attributes are great for qualifying groups of customers. (For example: "Print all the accounts that have a back flow device" or "Print mailing labels, but exclude all non-voting accounts")

Unlimited Transaction History
RVS Mosaics keeps an unlimited transaction history for every account.

More Company Control!
RVS Mosaics allows you to control who has the ability to modify any aspect of you company or customer information through user logins and permissions.

RVS Mosaics is Expandable
For systems looking for even more, we also offer:

No Risk Trial!

Now you can try all the features of RVS Mosaics for just $25. You will receive a complete working copy of the program, complete manual, and unlimited toll-free technical support.

You may use RVS Mosaics for up to four months. We want you to compare the power, speed, and ease-of-use of RVS Mosaics as well as our great reports and friendly free support to what you are currently using. If you're currently using a different system to do your billing, send us a current backup of your data and we can give you a quote on converting your data to the Mosaics file format.

Contact us to order a free tour or a full working $25 demo today!