RVS Mosaics Tour

Welcome to the RVS Mosaics Tour!

On the following pages, we will show you some of the most commonly used screens in RVS Mosaics and give you a description of what they do. This tour will include the following:

  1. Main Screen
  2. Company Configuration
  3. Adding Accounts
  4. Customer Information
    1. Page Two
    2. Readings & Usage
    3. Customer Notes
    4. Fund Allocations
    5. Customer Attributes
  5. Searching Customer Accounts
  6. Entering Meter Readings
  7. Posting Receipts
  8. Browsing Receivables
  9. Printing Reports

In addition to the free tour, you can also request a free information packet. This includes a copy of the tour on CD-ROM along with sample reports and pricing information. Please contact us to request a free infromation packet.

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